Abogados en ley de inmigración, ley familiar y ley penal

What We Do
Representation in automobile accident injuries; negotiations with the insurance company and civil litigation. 
Criminal defense against state misdemeanor and felony charges; petitions for 35(c) post-conviction relief; advising criminal attorneys regarding collateral immigration consequences of criminal convictions.
Defense against removal including asylum and cancellation; affirmative applications including VAWA and U-visas, adjustments of status, SIJS, DACA, citizenship applications; BIA and 10th Circuit appeals.  
Dissolution and child custody (Allocation of Parental Responsibilities) cases; adoption; parenting time modifications; permanent and temporary protection orders; international divorces and custody orders.  
Our Advantage
We routinely complete such complex immigration processes -- and successfully defend clients in such complex deportation proceedings -- that few other law firms are able to do. With attorneys specializing in the areas of immigration law, family law, and criminal law, we are uniquely well-positioned to be able to mount defenses for clients that other immigration law firms simply are unable to mount. And with a staff that is almost entirely fluent in Spanish and English, as well as a native Chinese speaker, we provide an exceptional and personalized legal service to all of our clients.